He Starves Me Of Sex, Divorce-seeking Woman Tells Court

A divorce-seeking wife, Rofiat Hussein has pleaded with an Ojaoba Sharia Court of Arbitration in Ibadan to put her out of her misery and dissolve her nine-year-old marriage to Nurain Hussein. She told the court that her husband had neglected his roles as husband and father and had starved her of sex. The 37-year-old, who said she had also been barred from working and earning a living, said her husband bad locked their bedroom door on her to prevent any sexual activity between them.

She told the president of the court, Sheikh Hamad Tiamiyu, that Nurain had also let hell lose when she told him she had secured a job in a private university. She said it had been quarrels after quarrels since then. She stated that he told her he was angry with her because she had refused to help him carry his bag into the house after opening the door. She said she had begged his relatives to counsel him but nothing had changed.

Tiamiyu, asked Rofiat to support her allegations with witnesses. He said the witnesses, who must be five, must have three females and two males or vice versa. Tiamiyu also directed her to put her claims in writing while adjourning the case to 29 September for further hearing. Rofiat and Nurain reside at Odo Ona-Elewe area of Ibadan.

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