Top African Designers To Feature On CNN

Leading telecommunication giant, Globacom will be sponsoring a show that focuses on African fashion industry on CNN.

The $31 billion African fashion industry will be the focus on the CNN 30-minutes magazine programme, African Voices, this week, and will be showcasing top African designers.

Creative stylists and designers such as Jenke Ahmed Tailly, Karim Tassi and Katherine-Mary Pichulik are expected to be featured at the show.

CNN said: “We will start with a fashion icon out of Ivory Coast who is hoping to shake up the industry with his African heritage.

“And then we head to Morocco where a fashion designer is imprinting his city’s rich culture on crafty clothing, while also being inspired by international elements.”

Globacom, in a statement from its headquarters in Lagos, said this week’s edition is a must-watch for aspiring fashion designers to learn new trends in the industry.

African Voices is broadcast on CNN International at 10.30 am on Fridays.

Repeat broadcasts hold by 2.30 pm on Saturdays as well as 12.30 am and 7.30 pm on Sundays.

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