UNILAG Creative Students To Stage ‘Abiku’ Play

The department of Creative Arts, University of Lagos, will be staging a play titled Abiku. The stage play is expected to hold September 26, at the Creative Arts Auditorium, University of Lagos.

According to the organizers, Abiku is the story phenomenon of the Yoruba people. It gives an insight on this peculiar topic that a lot of Nigerians shy away from. It exposes some truths and clarifies a lot of fallacies concerning Abiku.

Abiku means “A child that is born to die” What are the reasons for the death of these child? How can it be controlled? What exactly is the meaning of Abiku? These are the questions that this spectacular play will answer when it finally acted on the stage that day.
The script is written Moshhod Oba for Group A for the Special (Final Year) Practical Project of the Department Of Creative Arts, University Of Lagos.


By Tony Nwanne


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