Woman Pours Hot Water On Boyfriend


A woman, Yva Monord has been arrested by Police in Florida for bathing her boyfriend with hot water as he lay on a bed with the couple’s 2-month-old son on Saturday.

According to police report, Monord boiled a pot of water to sanitize her son’s pacifiers and bottles, but she then carried the piping-hot liquid into the bedroom, where her boyfriend was sleeping, and intentionally poured it onto the bed.

Her boyfriend initially thought he was the one who accidentally knocked the pot off a side table in his sleep. Monord denied the allegation but eventually admitted that she was upset with her boyfriend for cheating on her.

Monord son also a suffered second- and third-degree burns to his chest and arm. She also told police she did not know their son was sleeping next to Perppignan because the he was covered with a blanket.

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