Buhari Mocked For Signing Letter With His Name Misspelled

Buhari Mocked For Signing Letter With His Name Misspelt

President Muhammadu Buhari has caught some flak from social media users who spotted a letter he signed, but with his name misspelled. The said letter was addressed to the president of senate, Bukola Saraki, asking approval for the   two Supreme Court nominees.

Eagle-eyed Nigerians, parading the letter across social media platforms, wondered how President Buhari could append his signature above the wrongly spelled name: ‘Muhammdu Buhari’. The matter has reared up the belief that the septuagenarian president may be lacking the presence of mind due to his age.

The perceived attention deficiency of the president also raises question on whether he actually peruses and digests vital state documents requiring his approval.

Moreover, a Twitter user couldn’t be more bothered, wondering how such grave error could elude President Buhari’s knowing.

@9jabloke, a Twitter user, says:

“If Buhari signed this letter without seeing that his name was misspelled, how did he peruse the 1,800 paged budget?”

See document below:

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