‘Dogara Stages Wild Parties With Prostitutes’


By Ola Adeola

It is alleged that Yakubu Dogara, speaker of Nigeria’s House of Representatives, stages wild sex party in guest houses funded by cronies. The claims are those of Abd ulmumin Jibrin, aggrieved lawmaker suspended for ostensibly exposing corruption in the lower parliament. In his series of wild allegations of grafts against his colleagues, Jibrin, Monday, tweeted, “Billions has been stolen over the years in name of providing official house and guest houses that are often used for parties with prostitutes”.

In another tweet, Jibrin alleged that monies are being sourced by the speaker and his deputy, Yusuff Lasun, for their accommodation, while claiming not to have official quarters.

In a particular instance, according to Jibrin, a whopping N500 million was collected by a lawmaker Hembe Hembe on behalf of Lasun. Hembe was said to have outsmarted Lasun and didn’t deliver the complete money, Jibrin claimed.

“It was in delivering part of the illicit money that the criminal Hon Hembe stole part of the money that spark a fight between him and Lasun,” Jibrin tweeted.

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