Why Dr. Dre Is At War With Sony Pictures

By Adebayo Williams

Aftermath Entertainment CEO Andre Young, better known by his stage name, Dr Dre, has threatened to sue Sony Pictures over a movie painting him as a woman beater. The rap legend cum producer has sent a letter to warn the company over scenes of him beating women in their new TV movie, Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge & Michel’le.

TMZ reports that Dre claims there is no evidence of him ever doing so. He admitted to have dated Michel’le but said he never abused her physically.

His lawyer said, in a letter, that there was no medical record or police record to show he had abused her. ┬áDre’s character in the movie had beaten Michel’le, pointed a gun at her and pulled her hair.

The movie is scheduled for release next week.

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