GOtv Boxing Night 9: Fijabi’s Ghanaian Opponent Wants Rematch

Ghana’s Raphael “Iron King” Kwabena King, who was defeated by Nigeria’s Olaide “Fijaborn” Fijabi at GOtv Boxing Night on Sunday, has expressed desire to have a rematch with opponent. King, who lost via a split decision, is convinced that Fijabi, though a good boxer, is below his level. The tightly contested encounter seemed to attest to King’s pre-fight claim that he had watched Fijabi’s fights very well and understood how his Nigerian opponent fights.

“I wish to face him again and I hope it happens soon because I want to prove that I can beat him and I will. I said earlier that I had seen him fight many times, the reason for which I was able to curtail the explosive approach, which regularly sees him knock out less experienced boxers. I can’t wait for this fight to hold, as I believe it will deliver his first defeat. I have more experience than he does and I am fit,” King said.

The encounter with King saw Fijabi’s rapid-fire, savage punching considerably restrained. The Nigerian is, however, convinced that he will defeat his Ghanaian opponent again.

“I hope the rematch he is seeking is possible within the shortest possible time. Next time, it will be a knockout. I respect him, but he is a boxer that I am capable of beating. Very well, too. That, I’m sure of,” boasted Fijabi.

Also seeking a rematch is Jude “Great Jude” Iloh, the national lightweight champion, whose challenge encounter with Adewale “Masevex”  Masebinu ended in a fifth-round knockout for him. Iloh blamed his defeat on inadequate preparations, saying Masebinu should be ready for war when next they meet.

“I’m more experienced and he will see that when next we clash,” Iloh said. Masebinu had boasted ahead of the fight that Iloh’s experience was irrelevant to their contest and made good his boast to defeat him despite that.

Another redemption seeker is Shakiru “Omo Iya Eleja” Shogbesan, who was a victim of a knockout by Prince “Lion” Nwoye in their lightweight challenge bout. Shogbesan blamed the outcome and injury he suffered during the fight.

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