Group Demands El-Zak Zakky’s Prosecution For Terrorism


A group of people, under the aegis of Nigerian Youths Collective Against Violence and Terrorism, have demanded the prosecution of Ibrahim El-Zak Zakky, detained leader of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria, otherwise known as Shiia, for terrorism.

The group, a report said, were at the foreign affairs ministry Thursday to protest government’s inaction to prosecute the Muslim leader, who last year had a run-in with the Nigerian military.

Smart Aigbomian, the group’s coordinator, said government would be repeating its failure to prosecute Boko Haram ;if the Shiite leader is not prosecuted.

“Nations of the world watched in silence as Nigeria used domestic template to battle what was to become the monster – Boko Haram. In using local politics to resolve what was seen as just another problem, mistakes were made.

“These mistakes must be not be repeated by Nigeria same as the mistake of keeping a un benefitting silence must not be repeated by the world. In the interest of humanity’s collective safety and Nigeria’s continued harmonious existence as a nation, the past must not repeat itself.

“We have not seen the authorities arraign Mr. El-Zakzaky for the crimes committed against the nation. We have not seen any of his followers that actively took part in unleashing violence on the Nigerian state being put on trial.”

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