Jide Kokoso Urges Members To Remain Disciplined

By Tony Nwanne

Prince Jide Kosoko, the President of the Theatre Arts and Motion Pictures Association of Nigeria (TAMPAN) has urged members to remain disciplined at all time, as this will enhance the growth of the entertainment industry.

The renowned thespian and member of TAMPAN’s Board of Trustees, disclosed this on Thursday, in Lagos, that the integrity of members was of great importance to the association and that the body would not condone indiscipline in any form.
Kosoko said: “In the 80s the Nollywood practitioners were well disciplined, the public respected them for that attitude, but these days the reverse is the case.
“We will do all we can to make sure that discipline is being maintained among the members of the association.
“We need to maintain our integrity because we are public figures.”
Kosoko said that the way the public rated some of the nation’s thespians because of their misconduct, was quite worrisome.
He stressed: “Indiscipline began from attitude to time, but it does not end there.
“Discipline requires that the right thing is done at the right time for the right purpose.
“Discipline requires that we all clean our corners in our respective capacities.
“Lateness to work, laziness at work, disrespect for deadlines, insubordination and so on, are viruses that often cripple an organisations.
“By the time we complete the sensitisation campaign, I believe indiscipline will be a thing of the past.”
On the level of development in the entertainment industry, the veteran actor said that the creative sector would continue to remain a fertile ground for entrepreneurs.
He said: “We have lots of potential, creativity and assets in the entertainment sector that can be used to create employment and increase foreign exchange earnings.
“The sector is a multi-billion naira sector that can be used to sustain the economy.”

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