Man Slices Pregnant Lady’s Nipples

By Ola Adeola

A man is said to have cut off his ex-girlfriend’s nipples during a squabble.

The two discussing their relationship when an argument and, later, a fight broke out, multiple reports said.


The man, named Tony Ledbetter, 45, was reportedly beating the lady at the time, sitting and raining punches on her. He was also said to have stood at a point, and reached for a kitchen scissors which he used to cut off her nipples.

The South Dakota man was also said to have gaged the lady to prevent her screams from being heard and, at another time, tried to stifle her of air.

Sam Clemens, a South Dakota police spokesman, said, “The really disturbing part is he went and grabbed some scissors and sat on top of her and used those scissors to cut off her nipples,”

The lady told investigators that Ledbetter also punched her and slammed her head on the ground.

Ledbetter, 45, is charged with eight counts of domestic assault, while the 39-year-old lady is hospitalized and her baby doing fine.

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