Robbers Attack Kim Kardashian In Paris

By Adebayo Williams

US reality television star Kim Kardashian may have left Paris for the United States after being robbed at gun point early today, news report said. She was robbed at gunpoint at a Paris hotel by assailants disguised as police who made off with millions, mainly in jewellery, French authorities and her representative said Monday. Paris police said the loss amounted to “several million euros, mostly jewellery,” adding that they were still assessing the total amount stolen and had opened an investigation. A spokesperson for the celebrity had earlier described her as “badly shaken but physically unharmed” after the assault, which occurred late on Sunday.

The spokesperson said that “two armed masked men dressed as police officers” entered Kardashian’s hotel room and held her up at gunpoint. The representative gave no further details, nor did the person say whether the incident was an attempted robbery or had another motive. On hearing the news, Kardashian’s husband, rapper Kanye West, abruptly ended a festival appearance in New York citing a “family emergency.”

Kardashian, one of the most identifiable US celebrities, has been appearing prominently at Paris fashion week. The 35-year-old starlet made headlines at the show for appearing without make-up, a bare look recently adopted by singer Alicia Keys at the MTV Video Music Awards.


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