Rodriguez Receives Death Threat For Quitting Colombia’s Team

By Adebayo Williams

Real Madrid forward James Rodriguez has received death threats for quitting the Colombian national team. The player’s decision had sparked an uproar on social media with the hashtag #JamesVerguenzaNacional (James is a national embarrassment) trending. The account aimed a threat at the attacker saying it would take away all the things the player loves.

“I am travelling to your home, I am armed, say goodbye to everything you love,” he told James, in a post accompanied by a photo of a pistol and bullets.


The tweet also contained a reference to the ‘legion holk’. It’s a group notorious for trolling public figures and promoting offensive hashtags, such as #mujergolpeadamujerfeliz, which translates as ‘a beaten woman is a happy woman’.

The player’s mum has already reported the case to the police in Colombia.

Recall that Andres Escobar, 27, was shot five days after his country’s elimination from the 1994 World Cup as punishment for scoring the own goal that sealed their fate.

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