‘Sex Or Your Life’, Gunman Asks Lady Inside Lagos Hotel

By Ola Adeola

A man was reported to have asked a lady for sex at gunpoint at a hotel in Satellite Town, Lagos. Tayo Adeyemi, 24, allegedly sneaked into his victim’s room, claiming he was contracted to kill her. Adeyemi said he changed his mind after sighting and falling in love with the lady, named Rosemary. Rather, he demanded sex from her to spare her life, but Rosemary declined.

The attacker, then, attempted to force the lady, and even claimed to have offered her N1,500 as persuasion to concede to his sexual demand.

Unfortunately for Adeyemi, Rosemary raised an alarm, while the hotel management called the police on the self-claimed assassin.

“I was working as a casual worker at a bottling company in the Apapa area before I met the gang members in the Ajegunle area. A friend, Wisdom, had invited me to stay in his house.

“His friends, who are Eiye Confraternity members, saw me and said they had a job for me. They said the job was to kill a woman. I said I could not do such a job, but they threatened to kill me and since they had guns, I was afraid.

“Finally, I was left with no option but to do their wish. One of them, Ahmed, gave me the gun and they brought me on a motorcycle to the hotel. But when I got to the hotel room and saw the woman, I fell in love with her and I had mercy on her.

“I told her that I was sent to kill her, but since I loved her, I would just have sex with her. When she declined, I offered her N1,500, and said I would take her necklaces and wristwatch away and lie to my gang members that she had been killed. But she raised the alarm.

“Everyone in the hotel called the police, the Oodua Peoples’ Congress and other vigilance groups. The hotel management called the police at the Satellite Town division,” he said.

Moreover, Adeyemi said had he wanted to kill his victim, he could have done so.

The attacker was said to belong a three-man gang, on whose trail police said they are on. A locally-made handgun was recovered from the suspect.

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