Teacher Loses Job For Calling Obama’s Wife “Gorilla”

A teacher has been laid off by her employers for describing American first lady Michelle Obama “a poor gorilla” amidst other tirades posted to her Facebook.

The affected former teacher, Jane Wood Allen Jane worked at Chestatee Elementary School in Gainesville, in Forsyth County Schools. Her comment was considered racist.

“This poor Gorilla. How is she going to function in the real world, by not having all of her luxurious vacations paid for anymore? She needs to focus on getting a total make over (especially the hair), instead of planning vacations! She is a disgrace to America,” Jane’s post said. Although Jane took down the offensive post, it still earned her a sack.

“Racism and discrimination are not tolerated in our school district. We are committed to ongoing staff training on the acceptance of all individuals,” says the school authority.

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