Why Biting Of Fingernails Is Unhealthy – Expert

By Tony Nwanne

Nigerians have been warned against biting of fingernails, as it could result to skin infection, especially whitlow, an expert said.

Festus Olalekan, a medical expert with Graceland Hospital, Ilorin, revealed that biting of nails had remained a common practice among people who do not realise the health implications.

He maintained that fingernail is an ideal location for bacteria to grow and it can easily get transferred to the mouth and other parts of the body.

The expert also said that the habit could result in swelling and redness around the nails.

“As you chew your nails, bacteria and other microorganisms can enter your body.

“You can also get exposed to paronychia (whitlow), an infection under the cuticle of a fingernail or toenail

“I understand that it is difficult for some people to keep clean nails and avoid the biting of fingernails.

“Nails are ideal location for bacteria to grow; this is why you need to avoid the habit of chewing nails in order to stay healthy,’’ Olalekan said.

He advised people experiencing swelling or redness of the fingernail to visit a doctor in order to prevent other health complications.

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