I Will Jail Hillary Clinton If I Become President – Trump


Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has said he would instruct his would-be attorney to hire a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton and possibly send her to jail. Trump said this during the second American presidential debate, in which he raised the lingering issue of Hillary Clinton’s deletion of classified e-mails over a private server she used as secretary of state.

Trump was challenged over a comment he made in 1995 bragging his celebrity status could allow him grab any woman by her genitals, which he described as a ‘locker room banter’. Although, Trump had apologized for making the comment, he insisted during the debate it was “locker room talk”. He seized the moment to attack his opponent’s husband, Bill Clinton, who he accused of abusing women.

“Mine are words and his (Bill Clinton) are action,” he said.

Trump also accused Hillary Clinton of attacking women abused by her husband.

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