’76 Movie Deprived Me Of My Honeymoon – Chidi Mokeme

By Tony Nwanne

Talented Nollywood actor, Chidi Mokeme has revealed that participating in ’76 movie deprived him of having a honeymoon with his wife after their wedding.

The actor also said he sacrificed a lot during the shooting of the movie. Mokeme left movie location to attend his own wedding and returned to set almost immediately afterward.

“This shoot ran into when I was going through my wedding. So I had to sacrifice my pre-wedding plans, I had come from location to my wedding and then I had to go back to the shoot for another couple of months with no honeymoon.

“This was arguably the most challenging shoot that I’ve ever done in my life. There were a lot of professional and personal sacrifices,” he said.

The actor played the role of a disillusioned army officer who reacted to an unpleasant situation by partaking in the ’76 coup.

“My character encapsulates the general frustration Nigerians go through, the need to immediately respond, the need to be spontaneous, the need to want change and want it right now without thinking about the process by which we come about the change, without thinking about what cost are we gonna get this change.

“A lot of times in our lives, we need to step back a little so we can access better and make better decisions,” said Mokeme.



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