Why My Children Will Never Represent Nigeria – Disu


Nigeria ex-international, Tajudeen Disu, has said that his children will never feature for Nigeria in any sporting activity. The former 1983 U-20 player said he had told his children, who he bore in the United States of America, of the consequences of pledging allegiance to the country. Disu said but for MKO Abiola’s decision to send him to America to complete his education, he would have been begging like his former teammates. He lamented the state of football administration in the country saying unqualified and inexperienced people had been placed in charge of the affairs of the sport.

“I have already prevented them from doing that. I have made them understand how things work in Nigeria because I would not want them to fall into any mess that will affect their career.

“I hate cheating and that will explain why I can’t easily fit into Nigeria system and that is why most organizations in Nigeria hate me especially NFF, football clubs owners, commissioner for Sports, etc.

“Seeing my colleagues anytime I come visiting Nigeria from America I always weep because they have been left to struggle for themselves. Most of them has no job because most people who has no business in coaching or running football are the ones doing it, leaving the ex footballers to suffer.

“I know how ex internationals are been treated in overseas and sometimes it makes me hate playing for Nigeria because if chief Mko Abiola had not sent me to school in America, I will properly be begging before feeding myself and family. That is why I will appreciate chief MKO Abiola till I die, because of what he did for me and today, I am leaving comfortably in America with my family.

“I won’t encourage my kids to come serve Nigeria because of our mentality and system, all my children are American citizens,” he said.

He, however, said he enjoyed his playing days with the Under-20’s class of ’83. He said their outing at the World Cup in Mexico, the first ever FIFA-recognised competition for Nigeria, was a success despite their group stage ouster. He said the team had been comprised mainly of secondary school students and had faced stiff opponents in Brazil, Soviet Union and Netherlands. Disu said the group game against Brazil was the toughest match he played as a footballer. He also said his club, Leventis United’s FA Cup final where they lost 1-0 was equally difficult.

Disu, who won the Challenge Cup, Tessema Cup, Shagari Cup, Dana Cup in Denmark, Gothia Cup in Sweden, Dallas Cup in Texas and the Brazilian State Cup in Sao Paolo in his playing days, said his parents were supportive of his football career. Although, he said his dad had been skeptical in the early stages, he gave his support after hearing about him on radio. He also revealed how his mother had always covered up for him when he went training with friends.

Disu’s children, like their father are active in sports in the United States. The ex-football star said his children play Baseball, American Football, Athletics and Soccer.

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