‘You Copy Me’- Cross Dresser Slams Bobrisky



By Bola Kougbe


Bobrisky has been slammed by a rival as a copycat cross dresser.  The rival, Bayo, took aim at Bobrisky on his Instagram, calling him an “imitation” and “dummy”.

“I have always been me, always been very direct and have told the truth and have been willing to stand up and speak for myself and others out there who are bullies into a shell.

In order to be irreplaceable, you must be different. I like how you hate my guts but girl, I see you trying to copy me. Oh, I am for sure an original, no copies. Your taste in clothes and shoes are very tacky but you copy my style, though, that’s who I have always been… Dummy….!!”, he said.

He, however, stated that he draws his inspiration from Bobrisky’s discovery. “The only reason people feel Bobrisky inspired me is because he was first discovered but baby, I have been here way longer than I can remember”, he said.


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