Nigeria's former security adviser: Sambo Dasuki

‘How Dasuki Shunned Father In His Dying Moments’

The federal government has offered an explanation that suggests Sambo Dasuki, son of the late Sultan Ibrahim Dasuki, spurned an opprtunity to visit the latter in his dying moments. He, also, allegedly refused to attend his father’s consequent death. Abdulrahman Danbazau, retired general and minister of interior, said “We (Federal government) had discussed with the Director-General, DSS, yesterday (Monday) and Sambo was offered to visit his late father on his hospital bed in Abuja.

“He declined and said he preferred to pray for him. He was also offered to be in Sokoto throughout the mourning period and he also declined, preferring to pray for his late father. That was the true situation.”

However, it was the minister’s word against Sambo Dasuki’s, who spoke through his lawyer Ahmed Raji, senior advocate.

“I am not aware of such gesture and our client did not tell us that such offer was extended to him. If such courtesy was to be accorded they should have informed the lawyers. But we were not informed. We are not aware of anything like that.”

Ibrahim Dasuki died on Monday in an Abuja Hospital at the age of 93.

He was buried in Sokoto on Tuesday.


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