Doyin Okupe Viciously Attacks Ex-Punch Staffer


By Ola Adeola and Bright Bassey

Doyin Okupe, former presidential spokesman, Thursday brutally attacked a former staffer of the Punch newspapers, Ajayi Temitope Carter and other critics of a comment the latter credited to him.

Carter, on his Facebook timeline, picked on reactions of some politicians to the election of US President-elect Donald Trump and loss of his rival, Hillary Clinton in the just held election.

Carter’s comment reads: “And when Nigerian politicians join any public discourse they turn it upside down. Doyin Okupe: Hillary lost because she wanted to edit the Bible. Sen Ike Ekweremadu: PDP will work closely with Trump as if Trump knew if PDP exists. John Oyegun: Trump won because he bought into our Change Agenda. Fayose: Trump won because Obama supported Buhari. Can you beat these people”.

However, Okupe will not suffer fool gladly as he launched a vicious riposte.

“Most of u guys are simply ill bred, uncouth and uncivilized. If a man, politician or not passes a comment, what’s your business. Who made u judges over others. U asked others to shut their mouths yet you vomit foul Babbage from yours!! What have u done wt yr wretched lives that u think u are well positioned to condemn others. U even allude to intellect, when u are just only slightly better than illiterate danfo drivers. If u Dont like what people say or write, just pass on it and move on. U disparage people older than your fathers and u think its hip. Chief oyegun is 75yrs old, a retired revered perm sec and a veritable intellectual and scholar, and ragamuffins like u have the courage to insult him just for expressing his own opinion, May God forgive u”.

Not done, Carter replied Okupe, clarifying his initial post was not an insult.

Ajayi Temitope Carter: “Dr. Okupe sir. This post didnt in any way disrespect or insult you or anyone. I wont even do that to people you rightly said can be my father and grandfather. On number of occasions i have vehemently argued in your favour when people have been rude toyou. Recaping what Political leaders said in a post is not an insult. That is why you are public persons. Whatever people in your class say will generate reactions. I cant be rude to you sir. Yemi your daughter is my friend and i have followed her to come to your office before at Dolpin Estate some 9 years ago. I cant be rude to you. Your reaction is way to strong sir.”

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