Hemp Smoker Bites Off Man’s Ear

By Bola Kougbe


A man, Tolani Ajisefini, has reportedly lost one of his ears in a fight after accosting a hemp smoker at Mushin area of Lagos State.

The 25-year-old site manager, a resident of Isolo area of the state, is said to have visited his parents at his former house where he allegedly confronted some youths for smoking within the compound.

It was learnt that the hoodlums ignored him emphasizing that he had no right to dictate to them what to do since he didn’t live in the area. The utterance resulted in arguments and later degenerated into a fight.

According to a source “One of Ajisefini’s friends also backed him and fought the gang members. Tolani, however, asked his unnamed friend to leave the matter to him alone.

“He pushed his friend aside and ordered him to leave the place. One Michael mocked the unnamed friend, saying Tolani did not appreciate his effort”.

It was reported that a fight had ensued between Ajisefini and Michael. The former allegedly grabbed a bottle which was parried by the latter.

“Michael then bit off one of Ajisefini’s ears. Michael also had a bite injury”, the source said.

The victim was reportedly rushed to the Lagos University Teaching Hospital, LUTH, Idi-araba, Surulere, where he was told that the ear could not be reattached due to the dead tissue.

The case was allegedly reported at the Olosan Police Division.

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