Husband Kills Wife Over Disagreement

By Ola Adeola

A man has murdered his wife with a pinch bar following a disagreement between them, according to report. The attacker was also said to have hit the woman’s only son with the same weapon, but he survived. The man, Thomas Kofi Owusu, 56, and his deceased wife, Faustina Owusu, 42, reportedly had an argument in their room on the fateful day. Thomas was said to have struck Faustina with the pinch bar when she made for the door. The woman’s scream alerted her seven-year-old son, who was watching a television with his cousin in the hall apartment of the chamber they lived in.

An unremorseful Thomas also attacked the boy when he rushed to the scene and only spared the 13-year-old girl, a niece to the deceased, after she pleaded for mercy.

Moreover, Thomas, to avoid being lynched by angry neighbours, dashed to a police station to report himself.

The incident happened on 30 October, at about 8 pm, according to ASP Effia Tenge of the Accra Regional Police Command, in Ghana.

The police said the deceased had been deposited in a mortuary while the killer husband is in custody. The surviving boy was taken to a hospital where he was treated for his wounds. The couple had been married for nine years, the report concluded.


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