I’ve Been Celibate For Years – Lynxxx

By Tony Nwanne

Nigerian rapper turned born-again, Lynxxx has revealed that he has been celibate for years so he could focus more on his music career.

The singer said in an interview with Linda Ikeji that focusing on God and his music has helped him to , but not having a babymama.

When asked about his view about babymama, he noted that, “I can’t lie to you, I don’t have any comment on this because am not them, am me and i’m only responsible for my action. You know what it takes to have baby, it’s ‘Sex’, so I think the question should be for those who have kids, I don’t have kids.

“Yes, I’m saying that. I’m Celibate. For a while, for years per say,” he noted.

Lynxxx reiterated that he has overtime distant himself from the baby mama drama in the entertainment industry. “Like I said, I know why I’m doing music, I know what am trying to achieve, that’s what matters to me and not the enemy of my achievement. I stay focused, because when your eyes are on the price it’s hard for you to see things at your side so I stay focused. There’s no babymama for Lynxx.”


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