Labour Leader Pushes For Pay Rise To Cushion Recession

By Tony Nwanne

Issa Aremu, a former National Vice President of the Nigerian Labour Congress, has urged the federal government to increase workers’ salary as this will help the country come out of recession.

Aremu made this statement during an interactive session between the Kwara State House of Assembly and the organised labour unions on the Contributory Pension Scheme (CPS) in Ilorin on Sunday.

The labour leader, who is also the World Vice President of Global Industrial Union (GIU), explained that workers’ purchasing power had drastically reduced, thereby adversely affecting other sectors of the economy.

He maintained that unless there was a new wage regime in the country, the contributory pension scheme could be in jeopardy and the nation, according to him, would continue to wallow in economic doldrums.

Aremu, who cited the Central Bank of Nigeria’s (CBN) reports to justify his claims, said the country needed a new wage regime to keep the nation’s economy going and praised the legislature for organising the discussion forum.



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