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Lady Throws Naked Lover Out After Row During Sex

By Adebayo Williams

The man after he was allowed in the officers' car
The man after he was allowed in the officers’ car

A woman has reportedly thrown her lover in the streets following a row during sex. The man was saved by police who allowed him into their warm car. Mirror reports that the incident happened in the central Russian city of Irkutsk. In a footage, said to have been recorded by officers, the man was seen shivering on the cold street and begging for help.

“Help me, please!

“My girlfriend took all of my clothes and I can’t feel my legs,” he said.

The man explained to the officers that the girl had got cold feet while they were having sex and kicked him out without clothes.

“I was having fun with a girl who lives in a nearby hostel.

“We were having sex, then something happened to her.

“Suddenly she became scared, then someone started knocking on the door and that was it.”

It is not known what happened to the man after the incident.

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