Mob Hangs Man For ‘Raping’ 14-Year-Old Girl

paedophileA man has been hanged by an angry mob for allegedly raping a 14-year-old, who later died. The unnamed man was reportedly dragged out of a police cell, where he had been kept on the suspicion he committed the crime. The mob didn’t allow the man to be investigated by the police or tried in a court before dragging him through the streets naked and, eventually, hanging him on a tree. Police officers were powerless and outnumbered and could not do anything to stop the public lynching.

A video footage shows all that happened, except the alleged rape.

The deceased girl was visiting an area with her parents for her grandmother’s funeral. She suddenly disappeared, but later found dead, said a report.

The director of the Special Force for Crime Fighting reacted to the killing.

‘The dead bodies, both the girl’s and the lynching victim’s, have been moved … we are investigating the case, said Ivan Zambrana.

The girl was raped in Reyes, Bolivia.

Source: Metro.UK

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