Mother Of Ex-Miss Anambra Says Daughter Acted Under Spell


By Bola Kougbe



Ex-Miss Anambra, Chidinma Okeke’s mother, Lora Okeke, has said her daughter acted under a negative influence by featuring in a sex video.

Lora, in an interview with Telegraph, said her daughter claimed she didn’t know how she got involved in the unwholesome act.

“Mummy even if I did it, I didn’t know when it was done honestly, I’m surprised and confused. I don’t know what happened mummy”, Okeke quoted her daughter.

The pained mother, who said watching the video was heart breaking for her, mentioned that she had no knowledge of her child’s participation in the contest. She added that the later was victimized when she refused to carry out the biddings of the show organizers.

Lora added the incident had affected her daughter’s wellbeing.

“The entire controversy affected my daughter because when I went to see her, she had emaciated so much and not looking after herself at all, when I asked her why her hair was so unkempt, she said, ‘Mummy leave that hair alone, that’s not my worry.

“My prayer is that they should not kill my daughter,” she said.


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