Nigerian-American Singer Sued For Snubbing Show In US


By Tony Nwanne

Olubowale Victor Akintimehin, a Nigerian-American rapper popularly known as Wale, has been sued for missing in a US show after being paid.

The show promoter, Upfront and Personal Global, headed by multimillionaire, Paul Okoye, sued Wale for failing to show-up at the One Africa Music Festival, a show he was hugely paid for.

Wale, who resides in Washington DC, rose to prominence in 2006, when his song, Dig Dug became a hit in his hometown.

The show took place on July 22, at Backlays Centre, New York City.

In a document obtained by TMZ, the plaintiff shows an alleged signed contract between Wale’s camp and Upfront, plus two wire transfers for $12.5k a piece. They claimed that soon after, Wale went radio silent on them when asked for a refund.

However, Wale claimed he was present at the show, but was not allowed to perform because he got there late. He also said he has heard nothing about the lawsuit.

According to TMZ, Paul Okoye wants his money back, plus interest. The report also stated that Iyanya, a Nigerian artiste who was also in the show’s line-up did not show up as well.


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