Prophet Sprays Pesticides In Church Members’ Faces, Says It Cures HIV

A self-styled prophet claims to have discovered a healing power inherent in an insect killer he sprays directly in the faces of his congregants.

Lethebo Rabalago, a South African pastor, posted to Facebook pictures of him expelling the harmful substance in the faces of his church members. He says he first speaks to demons before spraying ‘Doom’, the brand name of the pesticides.

Rabalago also maintains the pesticide cures cancer and HIV.

The church’s Facebook page contains testimonies of people who claim to have been healed by Rabalago.

Most of the comments ridicule the practise and point out that insect repellent is bad for people’s health:

Doom shouldn’t be inhaled, ingested or come in contact with skin… He didn’t read the precautions!!!”

However some insist that the demonstrations are effective in a different way:

Demonstrations are not of Science.. They are of Spirit.”

Source: BBC

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