How Recession Affects Diabetic Patients

By Bola Kougbe



An endocrinologist, Afokoghene Isiavwe, who is also the medical director at Rainbow Specialist Centre, Lagos, has stated the effect of the country’s recession on diabetic patients.

Isiavwe in a recent interview, noted that the state of the economy may deprive diabetic patients affordability of medical drugs and pose more dangers to their health.

“People will not be able to buy medication and they will be forced to pay out of pocket. Complications will set in in situations where they cannot afford to pay out of pocket and that could be fatal.

“People with pre-diabetes have a higher rate of stroke and heart attack than people with normal blood sugar”, she said.

The medical practitioner who explained that diabetes is a life threatening disease, said that one out of ten Lagosians is diabetic. She added that the ailment has continued to prevail in the society due to the increase in obesity, poor diet, low exercise and family history of diabetes.

She however suggested that government set up primary prevention policies to help diabetic patients lead healthy lifestyles and manage their conditions better.



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