Recession: Kogi Women Embrace Family Planning

By Bola Kougbe



Following the economic recession in the country, a large number of women in Kogi State have embraced family planning.

The Assistant Director, Nursing Services at Specialist Hospital, Lokoja, Ojone Akubo, said the demand for family planning has increased since March, compared to 2015.

“Women are now coming willingly to do family planning unlike before that one needs to cajole or entice them before agreeing to do such.

“According to our records, 236 persons did family planning from June to October 2016 compared to 129 that did during the same period in 2015.

“In October this year alone, 41 persons came to do family planning while it was only 19 in October 2015”, Akubo said.

Earn jimoh, a mother of two, said she stopped childbearing due to the present state of the economy.

“I am a full time housewife without a job or any business venture which has made my husband to be overloaded with responsibilities of family upkeep and other expenses.

“I and my husband have agreed to stop childbearing for now and that is the reason we are here to do family planning”, she said.


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