Senate Asks NCC To Reverse Data Tariff Hike

Nigerian Senate Wednesday faulted the Nigeria Communication Commission, NCC, directive to telecoms operative to increase data tariff.

Senate President Bukola Saraki chided NCC for not holding wide consultation before issuing the directive.

The senate while debating the policy also directed its committee on communication to investigate allegations of non-compliance to regulations against mobile operators.

Similarly, Adebayo Shittu, minister of communication, denied the government was in the know of the policy directing mobile operators  to adopt a new floor plan of 0.90k/MB for data services, effective from December 1.

Shittu, speaking on Raypower’s programme Fact File, on Wednesday, Shittu said “logistics” may have informed NCC’s decision.

“There are reasons for what they have done. The reasons, I’m sure, will not be political; the reason will be more of logistics and all of that and as you have requested me to do I will do that,” Shittu said.

“But I want to say that I was not privy to it, I was not party to it. Government never gave any such instruction and the government, as the representative of the people, have never done that; that the voice of Nigerians must not be muscled.

“This government came into the democratic process and it has a duty to continue to protect the interest of Nigerians and I can assure you, we will do that and we will do the needful in protecting the rights and privileges of Nigerians.”

When asked why there were still no sanctions to telecom operators sending unsolicited text messages, the minister said he was also a victim of it.

“About 6 months ago I had cause to invite all the telecom operators and virtually read the riot act to them. If that has not been done I can assure you it will be done. We are concerned about the interest of Nigerians,” he said.

“We are concerned that Nigerians should not be taken for ride. As the minister of communications, I’m also a victim just like every other Nigerian. I also suffer the same fate as telecom operators, so let me assure you that we will redouble our efforts to curtail the excesses of the telecom operators.”

Source: Thecable

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