Why I Had Sex With Cow, Man Narrates

By Adebayo Williams

 A man has explained in a statement why he had sex with a cow while he was a kid. The victim, names withheld, said he had been forced into the act by paedophile, Allan Kenneth Brookes. He told the court that the incident had grave consequences on his life and the shadows of his past sufferings had remained in his present life.

”I received phone calls from work colleagues questioning me and people were mooing like a cow due to the nature of the charges,” he said.

”I was now unemployed and terrified of leaving the house.”

He said the abuse had affected his relationship with his son as he could not hold or cuddle him or even say, “I love you”.

Brookes has plead guilty to bestiality and inciting aggravated indecency and aggravated indecency on a person under 16. In September a jury found Brookes, who was aged 53 at the time of his arrest in 2014, guilty of multiple child sex offences in relation to the same victim.  Brookes’ abuse turned him from a happy, engaged child at school, into a panic attack-prone loner who would leave class and hide in the bushes. As an adult, he said the abuse had destroyed his relationships, financial success, education, sexual functioning and mental health and pushed him into alcohol addiction.

The sentence hearing will continue on 20 February.

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