I Had Sex With My Son For Rituals, 98-Year-old Woman Confesses

By Bola Kougbe


A 98-year-old woman identified only as Betserai, has reportedly confessed that she had sex with her son as part of the rituals required of her as a witch.

The elderly Zimbabwean revealed her age-long witchcraft at House of Grace International Ministries during the church’s mid-week service.

She said her journey as a witch turned her into a man-eater. The repented woman stated that she ate more than seventy human beings including her own daughters and other close relatives.

“I have eaten more than 70 people including my own daughters and other close relatives.

“I have been practicing witchcraft for a long time. I also killed my own daughters and I am responsible for my children’s misfortunes.

“I took my son’s virginity. I had sex with my own son some time ago.

“I had no option since it was part of the rituals”, she said.

The Murawe born nonagenarian was accompanied by her relatives to seek deliverance from the church’s prophet, Sham Hungwe.




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