Sharia: Lady Caned Publicly For Standing With Boyfriend

By Ola Adeola

A lady has been caned severely for standing with her boyfriend in public. The unnamed lady was among 13 people – seven men and six women aged between 21 and 30 – caned Monday at a mosque in the provincial capital Banda Aceh, Indonesia. The affected people were said to have broken Islamic law that forbids vices, such as gambling, drinking alcohol, gay sex, immoral behavious. Also, intimacy is banned, such as touching, hugging and kissing, between unmarried people.

One man was caned for spending time with a lady in a hidden location. The man was beaten because it was believed his action could lead to adultery.

‘We hope there are no more people in Banda Aceh who break the law in future,’ said, Deputy Mayor Zainal Arifin.

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