T.B Joshua Mockery Deepens Over Untrue Clinton Prophesy


By Ola Adeola

Temitope Joshua, Nigeria’s televangelist, continues to face more derision for wrongly predicting Hillary Clinton, Democratic Party candidate, would win the recent US general election. It turned out Donald Trump won the election to global shock.

Joshua had predicted a woman would win the election with a “narrow margin”, but neither did Clinton emerge president through America’s electoral college system nor did she win Trump narrowly.

Recent figures reported by Associated Press, AP, have seen Clinton leading Trump with whopping 1.5 million votes. As at Saturday, Clinton had received 63,390,669 votes, while Trump received 61,820,845 votes.

Joshua, bogged by the dent to his acclaim on extra-ordinary spiritual powers in prophesies and miracle healing, has launched into his own defence.

The pastor says his “prophesy was not controversial, rather we human beings” during a worship service, on  Sunday. “Our level (sic) are different”, Joshua said of those criticising his prophesy, reading a portion of the bible as back up to his assertion.

Joshua also claimed prayers and fasting of American electorate thwarted his prophesy from coming to past.

Joshua’s excuse has attracted a groundswell of mocks on Twitter, with hilarious memes.

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