T.B Joshua Supporters Storm High Court In Protest


By Bola Kougbe


A crowd of protesters have stormed the Ikeja High Court in solidarity with controversial Pentecostal Pastor Temitope Joshua, currently prosecuted for the death of 115 people in a September 2014 building collapse. The protesters, who are faithful of Joshua’s Synagogue Church of All Nations, SCOAN, carried placards Thursday morning, with inscriptions calling an end to the church’s trustees trial for the deaths in a hostel built on the premises, in which most of its occupants were mainly South Africans visiting the church for miracle healing.

Joshua had failed to stop a coroner’s inquest, which indicted his church and its engineers. He had also attempted to stop the arraignment, but similarly failed.


However, Joshua had claimed the building went down due to the impact of an aircraft flying over it, but the authorities have called such theory a hoax. Rather, the Lagos State Government stated that Joshua did not have an approval to raise more floors on the two already granted him, saying his action contravened the state’s building law.


Pastor Joshua is currently facing a social media whiplash over a failed prophesy about the American presidential election, which he claimed God told him would be won by defeated Hillary Clinton.

Joshua is seen as a sure-fire seer among his faithful, spreading across some African countries. He is famous putatively for miracle healing, which his critics dismiss as mere pretensions.


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