Taliban Bomb German Consulate In Afghanistan

Taliban militants drove a large vehicle laden with explosives into the wall of the German consulate in Mazar-e Sharif, the capital of Afghanistan’s northern Balkh province, late Thursday, the German news agency has reported.

“At least 30 civilians are wounded in the incident,” said Munir Farhad, a spokesman for the provincial governor.

The blast was so powerful that most buildings in the vicinity had their windows shattered, which caused most of the injuries, he added.

Although police have the area cordoned, the German consulate guards have not permitted Afghan security forces inside to inspect the damage, according to the spokesman.

Mirza Mohammad, a local resident, said gunfire could be heard a couple of minutes after the attack and cries of “Allahu Akbar (God is greatest), followed by a period of quiet.

Taliban militants claimed responsibility, saying they have launched an attack on “invading infidels” in revenge for civilians killed in northern Kunduz due to airstrikes.


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