Teenager To Sell Virginity At N500m To Buy House

By Adebayo Williams

An 18-year-old girl has offered her virginity at N500 million (one million euros) to raise money for a new house for her parents. The girl, simply identified as Aleexandria, said she made the hard decision while she was 15 after she watched the movie, ‘Indecent Proposal’.

“I was 15 and said maybe I can do this too with my virginity. And I looked it up on the Internet and saw some girls who sold themselves for €3.5million or more.

“Many girls lost their virginity and after that, maybe after many years they break up so it’s not worth it. I live in a very poor country, so I need to help my parents and buy them a home.”

Aleexandria, a Romanian, said her mind was made up and there was no stopping her. She said she could calm herself down with a glass of wine and let the pain pass.  She has been tested for sexually transmitted diseases, but hasn’t thought about the man who could eventually buy her virginity and his health.

However, she hasn’t told her family or any of her friends of her plans and doesn’t intend to either.

“I told them that I am going for modelling. I’m doing this for them, but they don’t know. My father is a very strict man and I think he wouldn’t agree.

“My parents will not find out and if they will at least I will give them what they need. If they don’t find out I will never tell them.”


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