Telemundo Kicks-Off New Telenovela, ‘Maid In Manhattan’ On GOtv 

GOtv subscribers can look forward to fresh and exciting content from Monday, November 7 as a Cinderella-style story with a Big Apple twist, Maid in Manhattan, debuts on Telemundo.
Inspired by the eponymous movie, the 167-episode telenovela presents Mexican singer and actress Litzy, who steps into the figurative glass shoes of Marisa Luján Villa in the lead role.
Before she becomes a maid in Manhattan, Marisa Lujan is a mom in Michoacan, Mexico, where things are starting to get dangerous. Afraid of the safety of her son, Lalo, she moved to California and then, New York.  Marisa lands a job as a maid at a luxurious Manhattan hotel, where she works hard to build a life for her and her son while dreaming of a brighter future, but she couldn’t have ever dreamed up what happens next.
Marisa has a chance encounter with a high-profile guest at the hotel, Cristobal Parker – played by the enigmatic Eugenio Siller (If Only I Were You, Queen of Hearts). Luckily, she happens to be dressed in a guest’s glamourous garb at the time, and she must keep her true identity as a hotel maid a secret from him. But it’s going to be harder than she thought, as Cristobal has fallen deeply in love with her and is desperate to see her again.
The drama promises an exciting labyrinthine tale that leads to love, fraught with omissions; misgivings, doubt, and hard choices.
Other exciting characters include Marisa’s mother (Ana Sobero), ex-husband (Paulo César Quevedo), her highly intelligent son (Jorge Eduardo García) and Sara Montero (Vanessa Villela), who will do anything to win Cristobal’s affections.
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