True Love Made Me Marry My HIV Positive Boyfriend, Woman Reveals

By Adebayo Williams

A 30-year-old woman has revealed how true love led her to marry her HIV-infected boyfriend. Speaking to Sunday Punch, the woman, names withheld, narrated how she had met the man while she was searching for a job at a government agency in the north in 2014. She had fallen in love with the man when they met at the agency and shortly afterwards, they started a sizzling romantic relationship. She lamented that her man never told her his status and had been having unprotected sex with her regularly.

Trouble started when her aunt, a nurse, had disclosed to her that her boyfriend was HIV-positive. She said her aunt told her the name of the drug she would find hidden in his house. She revealed that she had found nothing when she searched the house. She had gone for testing which showed she was negative. She, however, found out, early this year, that she had been getting easily fatigued and falling sick often. She went for testing and to her dismay came out positive.

She said they had already made plans for their wedding before she found out she was positive. Her man had made the confession to her about his status only a day to the commencement of their wedding counselling.

According to the couple, the church consented to the wedding because both of them are HIV positive. The church was filled to capacity as well-wishers, family and friends of the couple attended the occasion.

“I really appreciate God for making it possible to witness this day alongside my lovely husband. The marriage is an act of God. I thank God He has finally joined us together as husband and wife.

“I pray that the love that binds us together would continue forever and ever in Jesus’ name. I pray that the marriage will be a success. I have forgiven him but he cheated me by hiding the truth that he is HIV positive from me.  If he had told me his HIV status, it’s either I accepted or rejected his marriage proposal. Although I have forgiven him and accepted my fate, sometimes I wish I never met him,” she told Sunday Punch.

She, however, warned single ladies to listen to wise counsel rather than bear the consequences of wrong decisions. She also said she wished she had remained a virgin or insisted on using condoms while their courtship lasted.

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