Weird Reason Man ‘Choked’ His Penis With Wedding Ring

By Adebayo Williams

A married man was rushed to hospital by his mother after he ‘choked’ his penis by putting his wedding ring on it for sexual pleasure. The 28-year-old man was immediately operated upon before the ring could be removed. A medical doctor told a newspaper that the penis had been erect and had turned blue on arrival. The organ had to be punctured to drain it of blood before the ring was removed.

Fortunately, the husband, from Limpop Province, South Africa, experienced a full recovery after undergoing the procedure and being given antibiotics. He was discharged from Van Velden Hospital three days later, according to reports.

It is reported that the man’s wife gave birth by C-section two weeks before he put the wedding ring on his penis for ‘erotic purposes’. He said his friends had recommended the use of his wedding ring to pleasure himself.

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