Why I Can’t Marry A Poor Guy –Linda Ikeji

By Tony Nwanne

Nigerian super blogger and former model, Linda Ikeji, has revealed why she is not ready to tie the knot with an unsuccessful guy.

Linda, 36, in a recent interview with The Nation maintained that despite the fact that she gets several proposals from different men, she is not ready to settle for less.

According to her, “I’m getting quite a lot. People say that when you’re successful, men run away. It’s a lie. That is when they chase you the more. I can’t marry a poor guy and I’m being honest about it. He doesn’t have to be rich but let him be successful in his own way.

“But unfortunately I haven’t seen what I’m looking for. It was my birthday and I just wanted to talk about it.”

When asked about her kind of man, she noted that, “It’s not that men are scarce. They are not scarce. The type of men that some of us are looking for are scarce. If I want to get married next week, I can. I want a man that I can look up to. Somebody that inspires me, somebody that will push me, motivate me; somebody who has had some success in his own career. I’m inspired by successful people.”

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