Lagos To Generate 3,000MW Of Power

The Lagos State Commissioner for Energy and Mineral Resources, Olawale Oluwo, has expressed the commitment of the State Government to generate 3,000 megawatts off the grid. He stated that they are working with regulators and stakeholders in the power sector to actualise the vision and ensure that they provide sufficient energy for Lagosians.

Oluwo, who made this disclosure at the Price Water Cooper (PWC) annual power and utilities roundtable, noted that the administration is focused on ensuring that between the next five to seven years, Lagos state would be in a position to generate enough power for Lagosians without depending on Niger-Delta gas.

He further explained that in actualising the 3,000 megawatts vision, they are considering the conventional fossil fuel energy, while also focusing on renewable energy.

“Not all the renewable particularly for solar, because we don’t have the space for extensive solar installation. Therefore we must go for those that will optimise the land size that we have.”

Oluwo stated that they are also considering the wind option with the embed power plants, adding that the regulators are aware that the pricing available for power is not cost reflective, therefore they may be willing to increase the tariff at this time, however they have to accept the willing buyer and seller option.

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