Why Our Three-Year-Old Twins Married Each Other – Mother


By Adebayo Williams

A family has married their three-year-old twins to each other in a  glamourous ceremony in the Ang Thong province of central Thailand. The parents said thay took the decision to avert a potential case of death for either of the twins. They said the kids were lovers from their previous life and ere reincarnated as twins to show their undying love for each other.

Brother and sister Teekatat and Tawisa Hiranmekawanit tied the knot in a traditional ceremony to show the ''angels'' that they are in love and will be together forever.

''They must get married otherwise one of them will die.

''We provided the wedding ceremony according to our belief that in the olden days the boy and girl twins were soulmates but couldn't stay together.

''They were reborn again in this life, they were reborn as boy and girl twins,'' their mother said.

The bride wore a traditional Thai wedding dress with a gold sarong a gold sash. The groom was dressed in a white shirt, gold pants and a green sash. The boy even gave a sinsod - payments made by men to the families of the bride - of 22,000 THB (£450) and 30.5g of 23 karat gold.

Mirror reports that despite the formal ceremony, the children won't be married in law. They are also likely to find and marry their own partners when they get older.

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