Entertainment Is The Way Out Of Recession – Desmond Elliot


By Tony Nwanne

Nollywood actor, Desmond Elliot on Monday revealed that the Nigeria entertainment industry has the potential of moving the country out of recession if it is properly harnessed.

Elliot, who is also a member of the Lagos State House of Assembly, urged the Federal Government to take urgent steps to develop the entertainment sector to grow the country`s economy.

Entertainment, according to Elliot, contributed a substantial percentage to the country`s GDP and could achieve more for the economy if there were deliberate policies to develop it.

“We all know that the fall in the international price of crude oil is taking its toll of the country`s economy and that is why we are having recession.

“The current situation would, however, have been avoided if we were running a diversified economy rather than the oil-dependent economy that we are having.

“That is why we need to turn to a sector like entertainment with enormous economic potential to grow the economy and move it out of recession.



The lawmaker said the state government was taking a number of steps to develop the entertainment sector to boost the state`s earnings.

He maintained that one of the steps is the plan by government is to build mega cinemas across the three senatorial zones to revive the cinema culture and open additional window of income for entertainers.



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