Man Clings On Stolen Car’s Roof, Calls Police


A daring man was reported to have clung onto the roof of his father’s car while being stolen. The theft prompted a 130 km per hour (80 miles per hour) motorway chase near the border between France and Switzerland. All through the chase, Osama Aoukili, clung tightly to the roof, from where he telephoned the police.

The thief was eventually stopped and arrested while Aoukili was largely unscathed after the late-night chase.

"I told myself this was my father's car and that it meant a lot to him," Aoukili told BFM TV.

Police commander Christophe Lesznewski said the chase through Oyonnax town and then on the motorway lasted several minutes before the car, an aging Renault Clio, left the main road and slowed down, at which point Aoukili let go.

The thief tried to escape on foot but police caught and arrested him.

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