Angry Lover Forces Girlfriend Drink Acid



An Indian man, Ravi Kumar, 22, has allegedly forced his girlfriend, identified only as Muskan, drink acid for cheating on him.

Hindustan Times reports that Kumar compelled his 19-year-old girlfriend, who stays with her family in South Delhi, drink the substance in her home. He is said to have fled afterwards.

However, the suspect reportedly turned himself in at Sangam Vihar police station.

Confirming the incident, the Deputy Commissioner of Police, DCP (South-East), Romil Baaniya, said Kumar told police that he committed the act out of anger. The latter is said to have suspected Muskan to be in a relationship with someone else. “He also feared that her family was set to engage her to the person”, the DCP said.

The victim, who is undergoing treatment in a hospital in Sangam Vihar, reportedly sustained around 20 per cent burns in her throat.

The matter is currently being investigated.


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